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innovazn: what does it mean to be azn?

posted by the invazn

when i was still dreaming up this blog and what its purpose and target audience would be, i decided to poll my friends on what it means to be azn.

over the next few weeks, as their stories come in, they will be posted verbatim on this blog.

some who responded to my call are going to be authors on this blog. others want their response to be their sole contribution. still others asked not to be named, because the question reaches into unsettling territory. some are rawer than others, but all are honest.

please reflect and respond. post your own thoughts on “being azn” …

contact: theinvaznbegins@gmail.com

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innovazn: calling all hot azns

posted by theinvazn

are you a hot azn*? do you produce media?

the invazn wants you.

i’m putting together a database of azn hacks, flacks and artists who do their thang in toronto and beyond. if you’re out there and want your name, face, blog, site and (let’s be honest here) PR material included, gimme a shout at theinvaznbegins@gmail.com. all profiles will be featured on this blog, with links to your other digital footprints.

still confused? think linkedin-lavalife hybrid.

hit me back!

*both “hot” and “azn” are broadly defined. “hot” is writers, photographers, designers, street artists, vloggers, musicians, emcees, zine-sters, community organizers, bboys and bgirls, scholars–anyone with a message. “azns” reach from taiwan to trinidad, persia to the philippines, solomon islands to sri lanka and everything in between because, hello, “we” are not a homogeneous group.

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