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all white … what’s the deal?

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Did they?!

(Photo courtesy The Daily Mail)

I feel like I’ve blogged about skin lightening before. Oh, wait … I have.

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the politics of fashion

posted by jroselkim

Thanks to my barely employed/”working from home” days, I have fostered a new internet hobby: reading fashion blogs. I know, I know. Can’t I read about more important things, or do something more productive with my time? I often wonder about the same thing.

But on one of my morning browsing photos of high-waisted skirts and vintage dresses, one thing caught my eye – a video tutorial on “How to Wear a Headscarf, Turban Style.” Yes, you guessed it; the use of a religious garb as a fashion statement (by a white woman, nonetheless) made me feel rather…uncomfortable. But I watched it, and to be fair, this isn’t tying a “complete” turban, and I could even argue that this style itself doesn’t appear very problematic (as the style itself does not resemble a full turban), save for its name.

However, as I dug around to see the posts where the blogger actually experiments with this style, I was met with this phrase: “Just yesterday my friend and I were saying how we couldn’t rock turbans.”

Now, this is where I have more of a problem. To say that one can’t “rock” a turban without even slightly thinking about how people in other cultures/religions wear them seems like the fashion world has stripped this religious garment of all its significance, only to reappropriate it as it sees fit. Then again, my quick Wikipedia search of “turbans” also reveals that women in the Western world also wore a modified version of “turbans” at the turn of the 20th century as a way of keeping hair out of their faces. I also admit that I do not have an extensive knowledge of turbans myself, so perhaps I shouldn’t be speaking too much on this matter.

Reappropriation (and its problematic implications) is what I’ve been thinking about a lot these days, with hipsters wearing native headdresses and the popularity of keffiyeh as scarves. You might say, but wait! people in Asian countries and African countries wear western clothes all the time. But the difference there is that many of those countries’ citizens were also forced to wear Western-style clothing and banned from practicing/continuing their native cultures as a means of colonization. The effect of such practices is that while “Western” clothes are the most affordable and available clothes there, while traditional garments have become more of a luxury and special occasions items.

So where do you draw the line? How might you distinguish between paying homage or tribute to a culture (or making “XX-influenced” things without making it totally problematic) and disrespectfully ripping off a culture?


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viewing ad-visor-y

posted by missmsian

Dad and I caught a woman committing a serious traffic infraction the other day. As we waited at a light, said woman, who was crossing the street, popped a visor on her head and proceeded to, errr, ride wit’ her top down.

Y'all are familiar with this classic image ...

Although Dad grumbled that it seems only Azns choose embarrassing head toppings like that–a fact apparently confirmed by @mymomisafob‘s avatar–I begged to differ and started looking for more visor-related fashion crimes. Here are the fruits of that research …

WARNING: The following images may not be appropriate for a young … or any … audience.

Comes in different colours:

Poor pooch:

Just … WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!:

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