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game over, boston!

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The 2010 NBA Champs Los Angeles Lakers have the heart of champions, and the passion of young lovers it seems.

Though they may not have won it in 4 as I initially predicted, they were the classier team and allowed the Celts to have high hopes in hoisting Mr. Larry O’Brien’s championship trophy above their heads in all its glory, only to have all their hopes and dreams snuffed out and come crashing down in the dying minutes.

Once again, amazing, greatness, at least I score more than zero points *cough* Ray Allen *cough*, Kobe Bryant took it into his own hands and closed it out when it mattered (and when I say took it into his own hands, I actually mean relied on his teammates, for once, in the final minutes). I will admit, this series was one of the most exciting I’ve experienced in years, especially with it coming down to the wire in Game 7.

However, the better team always prevails, and it just so happened to be Kobe and Co. Congratulations on having one more ring than Shaq!

For all you Celtics fans, don’t be bitter. If Artest and Pierce can lead by example to kiss and make up, can’t we?

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boom boom pau

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Can all my Boston fans please stand up? Thanks, all three of you.

If you’re part of the minority Celtics following, how about that Kobe and the Lakers tonight? Best part of the evening was when they showed Chris Rock sitting beside Kobe making jokes. Kobe’s response? There was none. He had the composure of a champion, unfazed, staring out at the court.

They say ‘Amazing is Belief’. I say:

Lakers in 4. (Don’t be bitter!)

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