we’re here.

we’ve been here since the days of cartier and champlain and other indigenous-killing eurosnobs.

“we” are not a homogeneous group. we are west and east and north and south and diasporic and citizens and immigrants and mixed.

we’re from victoria, montreal, repping the prairies, n.s. and, okay, mostly tdot. some of us are american.

we’re graphic designers, writers, activists, musicians, people with day jobs, night workers, still students, funemployed, managed by missmsian (twitter: @gerchua).

we have history and ideas and dreams and struggles, but no prominent place to express them–until now.


contact: theinvaznbegins@gmail.com

twitter: @theinvazn

disclaimer: the invazn has no agenda aside from promoting azns and their voices. views expressed in a post are an author’s own.

One response to “about

  1. Hi. I’m a first year at Queen’s and I’ve read your entire Queen’s Journal “blog” from last year and I have to say it was pretty amazing. Coming to Queen’s, I didn’t realize how skewed the “diversity” of the school was going to be and I haven’t had any problems or anything but it just worries me what people are thinking when they see me and how that affects the way they treat me. And reading your blog, I feel like you understood well what it’s like to not be, and more importantly not ACT, white at Queen’s.

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