fyi: rogers doorcrasher

posted by theinvazn

are you an azn in toronto? were you offended by maclean’s “too azn?” article?

rogers owns maclean’s and has refused to properly respond to the inflammatory piece, so we’re gearing up to give ’em a big surprise.


not this

not this either

something more like …

this is what shows up when you google "azn mob"!

so this saturday, meet at college subway station’s food court at 11 a.m. bring friends, allies, your hardass azn parents and your outrage! feel free to rsvp on facebook.

see you there!


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One response to “fyi: rogers doorcrasher

  1. Brandon

    i saw the photos that were posted from this event. it looks like the rogers store was ‘attacked’ unsuspectedly by a group that felt strongly against the company’s association with the article that was produced by macleans.

    this sounds very similar to terrorist attacks, where groups or individuals have set up attacks against unsuspectin…g associations and citizens. i understand your main target is the rogers corporation, but did you think about the perception of the customers visiting that store? or even the employees who must’ve felt the embarrassment of being attacked.

    think of the target that you’ve placed on asian canadians. by now rogers is aware of this action, and are probably sending red flags and notices to their various locations ‘flash mob by asian group at locations BEWARE’. think of how muslims are treated because of terrorist actions. they are treated differently because of their religio…us association with the terrorist groups. do you think you’ve stepped forward in your campaign against this article? i think you’ve put asians in the same situation as muslims who are feeling the pressures of terrorist activity.

    shame on your group! i think there needs to be more planning on how you want to be able to get your message across.See More

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