yet another racist site: black out korea

posted by jroselkim

I read about Black Out Korea on Racialicious the other day and had to share this. A group of foreigners (English teachers) takes pictures of drunk, passed-out Koreans and post them for all to see and mock. I’m so glad that the Korean government and agencies pay these people to make fun of us so incessantly.

I plan on writing an angry email to the anonymous writers of this website today. It’d be great if you can too.



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5 responses to “yet another racist site: black out korea

  1. Andrea

    They should have a list of “what not to do when you are ‘teaching’ overseas” to give to these foreigners.

    #1. Dont be a racist fxxk.
    #2. DONT be a racist fxxk.

  2. Wow are you serious?! That is disrespectful on so many levels.

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  4. Joy


    Hmm… they do have a few non-Asians on the site so I wouldn’t say it is entirely racist. I would say though that observers actually doing something to the unconscious person, or taking pictures of children sleeping- and labeling it, “This guy is starting off young” is completely uncalled for and shameful.

    • Hey Joy, thanks for the retweet!

      The site creator states that the blog is “devoted to the often hilarious situations in Korea that involve full grown adults blacked out in public, sometimes from 60 hour workweeks, but mostly because of Soju.” I think it’s pretty much targeted at making fun of adult Koreans who drink too much – and if and when non-Asians end up there, I’d say it’s more of an “accident” than an inclusive effort to mock all. And yes, consent is a huge issue here as well.

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