an open letter to profs who ‘include’ diversity week

posted by djtrishna

Dear Educators,

I understand that you are well intentioned. That you have degrees and have studied for years and have worked hard to become an expert in your field. I know that you want to create a classroom experience that is enriching and really makes us students think. That you want us all to be included (sometimes).

But please, seriously, take the fucking ‘diversity’ week out of your fucking curriculum. It would save students of colour from enduring the pain of having our identities put on trial, having our experiences questioned and our realities of racism denied. It would save Indigenous peoples from being invisibilized.

Not only are you miseducating large groups of white students, you are attacking us while we sit here. If diversity week is about teaching white kids how to interact with us, which it is, then please, just be explicit in that so that WE DO NOT SIT THROUGH IT.

It’s not just offensive, it’s plain fucked up. As if you can have a WEEK on ‘diversity’ and expect for us to have an enriching fucking experience. The only thing you’ve enriched me to is that DIVERSITY WEEK IS FRIGGING TOKENIZING.

Especially if your field ISN’T IN RACE STUDIES (and sometimes even if it is), STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM EDUCATING OTHERS ABOUT RACE.

It would save me from ripping out my hair.




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