dinner table conversation

posted by missmsian

I had dinner with my little (14-year-old) brother and two of his (Malaysian and Chinese) friends tonight. Here’s the scene …

Me, Bro, Friend 1 and Friend 2 are eating pizza. Friend 2 is channel surfing and lands on program called “The Elephant Princess.” The four watch the opening credits.

Me: Is she supposed to be … South … Asian … ?

Friend 1: Naw, she’s a white girl who discovers she’s the leader of this magical kingdom in India or something.

Bro: I watched one episode. It’s so stupid.

Friend 1: I don’t even need to watch one episode to know it’s stupid.

Friend 2: Yeah, it’s just really cliche.

Me: Oh, you mean it reminds you of other shows with a “white saviour” complex where white people are put in leadership positions over people of colour because it’s assumed people of colour are incapable of leading themselves?

Three blank stares. Mum enters the room.

Mum: You mean Avatar?

Bro: This show is stupid. Let’s just watch “The Amazing Race.” Team Jumba all the way!

Friend 2: What’s “The Amazing Race”? Wait, you mean kevjumba is on this show?

Friend 1: Yeah, man. Dude, you need to watch more TV.

Friend 2: They actually put Azns in this show?!


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  1. Andrea

    what? Azns can actually compete and be smarter, physically more sustained than white people? non sense.

    oooh white people, come lead my life, and my family’s, my ancestors’… fxckers.

    can other people read my comment?

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