technology at its worst

posted by jroselkim

Well, folks – it looks like Asian women can stop existing now, because now you can just download an iPhone app to design your perfect Asian woman. So much more convenient and simple! Not only can you design her perfect face (with options like “change lips”) but you can also “share your girl,” “save your girl,” or “make another.” Charming.

I was trying for half an hour to find a “Report this App” page on the Apple website to no avail. So I resorted to doing this instead:

My email to Steve Jobs

Hey, I hear sometimes he actually responds to people! Maybe today is my lucky day.

Source: Angry Asian Man

[image from “Design Your Dream Asian Girl” application page:



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11 responses to “technology at its worst

  1. Alex

    haha! When it said that you can “share your girl” or “save your girl”, I thought it actually read “shave your girl” LOL!

  2. Spendthrift

    As a developer of this app, I think this is really getting taken too seriously. It’s in good fun, and quite frankly it’s hilarious. There was already a “Dream Girl” app on the App Store by a different developer, but it only included Caucasian women. We decided that many people wanted women from Asian descent as well, so we made this. I doubt that normal Asian women will be at all affected.

    • I’m sorry, but as a “normal Asian woman” I am offended. In fact as just a “normal woman” I am offended. Is there not enough things in the media already that affect young females’ self-esteem without mindless apps like this? What you fail to realize is the subtle effects that an app has like this in the minds of people. Will you be coming out with a “Dream Black Girl” app, or a “Dream Latina” app? Asian women have to fight stereotypes like this everyday of their lives and you are not making it any easier.

      • Spendthrift

        Yup, a “Dream Black Girl” app (and Latina too) will probably happen if it looks like demand is high enough. If you want to talk self-esteem, I’d argue that a very tame application where the user can swap eyes is nothing compared to the accepted media portrayals of women in advertising and on television. Finally, I said “affected,” not offended. You’re offended because you read this story; if you hadn’t your life would have continued absolutely unchanged.

  3. Vinnie

    Actually, I think any “Dream Girl” app, Asian, Caucasian, Latina, or Black, are all offensive.

    Hey, how about this for a change? Why don’t you talk to a real live woman and have a normal, friendly conversation! I’m sure it will prove to be much more satisfying than lusting after the “dream girl” that you’ve customized on your iphone.

    How would men like it if we put together a “dream guy” app and be able to customize the size and appearance of their shoulders, arms, pecs, abs, and God forbid, their penises?

    All in all, a bad idea.

    • Spendthrift

      In reply to the “dream guy” app: Men would think it was absolutely hilarious. Actually, that sounds like a great idea, hope you don’t mind if I take it.

      • Celine

        Men do not live in a society that is convinced that there is something wrong with your gender.

        In a culture that casually throws around phrases such as “be a man” and “you’re a pussy”, I agree, men will not find it deeply upsetting to have their gender and race turned into a joke.

        And your trivializing of the issue is deeply upsetting. Please go and educate yourself.

      • Vinnie

        Actually, I think any man who has ever felt insecure about his body would honestly feel a little offended if their girlfriend got this app. You either have never felt bad about your body or never had a girlfriend, so maybe you can’t understand.

  4. To Invazn & other commenters: Sadly, I think that arguing with the makers of this app is similar to beating one’s head against the proverbial wall. It is obvious that the people behind this app are insensitive and ignorant to the social consequences of their actions.

    To Spendthrift: Claiming that if I hadn’t heard of this story, I wouldn’t be upset is incorrect. The existence of this app and other actions and words that slight Asians and women are going to be felt by me as it creates an atmosphere of inferiority. I can see that subtleties are lost on you. As well your assumption that nobody should, or would, take offense, is also ignorant and incorrect as you can hardly speak for the experience of those you know nothing about? The argument of claiming that a minority has nothing to complain about and that we should just be quiet is a very dominant claim by the “entitled majority” and is a very clear sign of discrimination. I feel sorry that you think this way and I hope one day you will become more enlightened.

    • Thank you for your eloquence, Jordana. Spendthrift developer (if you are indeed who you claim to be): I think an argument like “this [bad thing] isn’t as bad as [other bad thing]” is a fairly weak one that is unfortunately used too often. Should we remain silent and just accept what happens around us just because things aren’t as bad as other parts of the world? Perhaps that default mode of silence you seem to expect from women is why you developed this app, where women are mere commodities who can be shaped and manipulated any way by the men who control them.

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