azn women as eye candy?

posted by missmsian

How do you feel about Azn male artists who use Azn females as eye candy (or muses or love interests or whatever you call them) in music videos?

On one hand, I love seeing Azn female faces in media. In fact, I’m almost willing to overlook the fact that they’re squeezed into the same stereotypical ‘sex kitten’ roles women of other colours portray in these videos. I mean, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?

On the other hand, ~aZn pRyDe~ can only go so far before I start to feel some righteous feminist indignation. How sad that we have to enter the market, so to speak, on terms defined by men’s eyes. And, I would add, generally white eyes.

But even misogyny has sharp distinctions for me. Whereas Western (and white) men’s Azn fetishes are automatically written off as belittling and creepy, I find it a lot harder to get worked up when Jay Sean or the boys of Far East Movement ogle Azn chicks.

In some way, watching Azn guys and gals in music videos flirting and grinding reaffirms Azn men’s sexuality.

… But does it have to be at the expense of Azn women? (Errr … no pun intended.)

In their defence, some of the videos make it look like the Azn woman is making her own choice to hook up with Jay on the dance floor. At least she’s not in cheongsam with her eyes downcast, I guess.

I don’t want to pull a

and say you can only look at it one way or the other.

So how do you deal?


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One response to “azn women as eye candy?

  1. djtrishna

    Oh Jay Sean. You’re so beautiful. I would marry you simply for your looks and money if I were sure that you wouldn’t objectify me. Unfortunately I can’t be sure of that as this and your other videos have taught me. Too bad, really it’s your loss.

    I’m really tired of all these pop songs by dudes talkin bout the women they love and what they’ll buy them or do for them. STFU, DONT NEED U BIATCH. “all the women who independent!” (missmsian, this is where I wait for you to chime in).

    But really though. It’s just as bad just in a different way than the “you’re so sexy I’m just going to talk about your ass right now” songs. Still takes away our agency and denies our autonomy.

    I am getting off topic.

    In short, am I happy that Jay Sean casts brown girls ? Obvs. Love it. He’s hot, they’re hot, great. Glad that a brown guy is being portrayed as something other than a desexualized terrorist predator.

    But the problem presented is very real.

    Truly I don’t see the market changing in the foreseeable future to stop sexualizing women in general and I’d honestly rather see him with some ladies of colour than pining after the feet of white masters.

    The solution I then propose would be to have strong Azn females in the industry get the same amount of play, publicity and attention (or more).


    … I should sleep.

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