i want to get your name right!

posted by djtrishna

This video is effing hilarious.

“That’s it, I’m leaving. I need some whisky.”

I hear ya girl, I hear ya.

I am mostly laughing at Steve here. And how often this happens to folks of colour on a daily basis. It’s funny cause it’s true and I understand how it feels. And it’s totally absurd.


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2 responses to “i want to get your name right!

  1. kltw

    I just totally cracked up in the middle of work watching that video…

    …only because I’ve heard that line of questioning so many times….

  2. tal

    I didn’t know you had a blog!!! What?!

    Also, I was talking to a guy on the street the other day who, after asking my name, started asking if I was a Hebrew. I said I am Jewish and I speak Hebrew but I am not A Hebrew. And then he started telling me about the Dead Sea Scrolls. Hahahah!

    I love this video, but why is it in that automated voice? We should auto-tune this shit.

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