update: what does it mean to be azn?

posted by theinvazn

two months ago, i put out a call for azns to respond to the question: what does it mean to be azn?

if you’ve been following our “being azn” tag, you’ve seen guest writers and regular bloggers negotiate mixed identity, the ‘banana’ label, body image, mother-daughter relationships, sexuality and so on.

i’ve said before that this question reaches into unsettling territory. what you may not know is that half of these writers asked to post anonymously and a few later changed their minds and asked to be identified. 

one person told me she didn’t want her thoughts on racism, self-esteem and identity to be the first result in a google search of her name. another writer mused in her post, “who would have thought the girl who was scared to be azn for the first half of her life would announce her ethnicity like this?” she had submitted her entry with the note, “i’m admitting that i’m azn.”

i’m humbled by their vulnerability.

our “being azn” posts have consistently received the highest number of views, comments and ratings, outdoing posts that contain more popular search terms like “blackberry” and “karate kid.”

i think this speaks of a need for a space to explore azn identities. as i was reading and crying my way through mshehe’s account of a conversation she had with a salesperson in china today, i realized (trying not to sound like a conceited dick) that i’m really glad this blog exists. so thank you, readers and writers, for making this happen.

if you want to respond to the big question, “what does it mean to be azn?” in a few lines or with a full blog post (which, actually, can also be a few lines!), contact theinvaznbegins@gmail.com.


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