viewing ad-visor-y

posted by missmsian

Dad and I caught a woman committing a serious traffic infraction the other day. As we waited at a light, said woman, who was crossing the street, popped a visor on her head and proceeded to, errr, ride wit’ her top down.

Y'all are familiar with this classic image ...

Although Dad grumbled that it seems only Azns choose embarrassing head toppings like that–a fact apparently confirmed by @mymomisafob‘s avatar–I begged to differ and started looking for more visor-related fashion crimes. Here are the fruits of that research …

WARNING: The following images may not be appropriate for a young … or any … audience.

Comes in different colours:

Poor pooch:

Just … WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!:


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One response to “viewing ad-visor-y

  1. Andrea

    Pond’s whitening cream’s not enough… we gotta block those evil sunlight in every possible way ;) so we can look as pale as those…. ummm… “ghost face”!

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