azn jokes

posted by eunac

I don’t know if this is just a Korean thing specifically or an all-around Azn thing, but there’s a joke that my family members (myself included) always recite whenever we can. In order to “tell” the joke, a piece of food needs to be stuck to you (usually it’s rice). When someone points out that there’s food stuck on you, you respond with, “I’m saving it for later.” My dad, who loves getting a good laugh out of people, usually takes it a step further and tells us more details about when specifically he plans on eating the piece of rice.

This was a relatively pointless post but it’s something that happened at dinner tonight so I thought I’d share :)



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4 responses to “azn jokes

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  2. OH MY GOD my Korean family totally does this. except it’s not the one with the food that responds “I’m saving it for later,” but rather the noticing party who says: “you saving that food for a midnight snack?”

  3. missmsian

    Nuh uh, not just a Korean thing. My (Malaysian) dad uses this all the time. I thought it was just him, too!

  4. mshehe

    Yup. Definitely an all around Azn thing – my (Chinese) dad also uses that one.

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