fantasia international film fest 2010: azn films galore!

posted by jroselkim

Poster for the South Korean film 'A Little Pond,' official selection of Fantasia Film Festival 2010

If you’re a fan of independent/sci-fi/azn films and are in Montreal, check out Fantasia International Film Festival for some great film gems, including many fine azn films. The festival kicked off on Jul. 8, but there is still plenty of time to catch numerous film screenings – many of them North American premieres – including free outdoor screenings until Jul. 28.

Here are some azn films I’m particularly excited about:

The Executioner (South Korea, 2009, North American premiere)– this film drew a lot of attention and controversy as it was the first film to be shot in an actual Korean prison. The story is about a rookie prison guard learning the harsh and brutal realities of the Korean prison system through a jaded, senior guard. The arrival of a notorious serial killer, whose crimes have garnered much public outrage, opens up the possibilities of a death sentence – a first since 1997 – which threatens to change the lives of the guards forever.

J.A. de Seve Theatre, Concordia University (1400 de Maisonneuve West)
July 18, 9:30pm and July 20, 3:20pm

A Little Pond (South Korea, 2009, North American premiere): This is another film that met a lot of resistance from the Korean government (and public) due to its critical nature of the American troops (who are often seen as heroes who saved Korea from the Evil Communists). But after 8 years of planning and financial struggle, it’s finally here! The film takes place in a peaceful village in Korea, which turned upside down when the Korean war breaks out, with one of the most brutal massacres of the war on Nonguri Bridge.

J.A. de Seve Theatre, Concordia University (1400 de Maisonneuve West)
July 25, 9 :30pm and July 26, 5 :30pm

Power Kids (Thailand, 2008): Move over, Nickelodeon, here comes the muay thai champions. Four friends must unite their muay thai powers to save their friend in a hospital with a heart condition.

Free outdoor screening, part of ‘Fantasia Under the Stars’ – at Parc de la Paix (Boul. St-Laurent, between Ste-Catherine and Rene-Levesque), 7pm

Other highlights include a digitally restored, original cut of Fritz Lang’s classic film Metropolis at Place-des-arts on July 28 (along with the Fantasia gala) and “Le sang d’un poète,” where Steven Severin (of the Siouxie and the Banshees) performs a live score to Jean Cocteau’s avant-garde film of the same name at the Rialto Theatre on July 22.


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