i’m not past it

posted by Celine

Don’t you get it? Race is the most important part of who I am. I am what I am because of my race — and my history and my culture and my two languages and my family and my interactions with the world as a racialized girl — just as a white person is what they are because of their race.

(Oh, by the way, white is a colour too. White too is a race.)

Race is the most important part of who I am because I wear a big star on my forehead. Hello stranger, did you know that I am an azn? Of course you did, my eyes are remarkably smaller than Heidi Klum’s and I look like Jackie Chan (IN RUSH HOUR WITH CHRIS TUCKER) and Ken Jeong (BEST KNOWN AS AN ACTOR IN THE NEW HIT TV SERIES COMMUNITY, DEVELOPED BY DAN HARMON, STARRING JOEL MCHALE AS AN INTELLIGENT AND ATTRACTIVE WHITE LAWYER COURTED BY THREE DIFFERENT WHITE WOMEN) and that girl Ross brought home from China and dated instead of Rachel.

If I was honest with myself, I sometimes wish I was indeed living in a “post-racial” princedom of unicorns, because truly, as we all know, that’d rid us of the awful weight of history — but too bad for us, it doesn’t exist and it may never will.

(By the way, oh, just so you know, you can’t force a “post-racial” princedom of unicorns to exist by making those brown women take off their head scarves.)

My race is not a phase. It is not an inconvenient and inconsequential and meaningless part of me which I must seek to rid of as soon as possible — or make explanations for on demand. I’m not past it.


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