i see green … boston green

posted my missmsian

No sweat; they got this ... and that's The Truth!

Sure, the Cs have kept us on our toes this season, playing brilliantly for periods and badly for inexplicable stretches. But was the Game 1 loss a sign of a return to the lacklustre? I don’t think so.

The Celtics we’re looking at today are better than the team of 2008—and, two years ago, they beat LAL easily in 6. There’s no reason they can’t do it again.

For the first time in a while, they’re healthy.

They’re also more stacked, if possible.

The Lakers lost in 2008 because they were soft. The only reason they won last year is because they weren’t competing against a team that deserved to be in the Finals—as the Magic proved this year. In two years, LAL has bulked up, but so has Boston. Gone are the finesse players like Eddie House. Now we’re looking at the Rasheed Wallaces stacking Beantown’s bench. With Perkins and Big Baby, we have a gritty crew in the post.

They didn’t deliver in Game 1, but it’s an anomaly for Boston to be outplayed in the paint. It sucks, but nerves happen. They’ll pick it up.

We’re also looking at supporting players who (finally) understand their role. Guys like Wallace and Nate Robinson, who stumbled through the regular season, seem to have found a comfortable rhythm in the playoff run. They’re not posting great stats, but they’re providing consistent backup play and spurts of brilliance where necessary.

And the best surprise of the season? Rondo. Hawt. Nuff said.


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