the invazn begins …

posted by missmsian

First impressions are tough, hmm?

I’ve written about five drafts of this intro but everything either sounds like I’m trying too hard or not at all. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this will read like the eager Myspace bio I would have written at 15, no matter how much time I spend tweaking it. So let’s get it over with and hope that future posts are less embarrassing.

I’m a 20-something university grad, temporarily employed, kinda bitter, Malaysian, Chinese, a bit cynical, full out Jesus follower, reluctant activist, born Canadian, wannabe journalist … I think.

As for this project and why I started it, well, I’m not sure what to say yet. I guess, for now, it’s a vanity blog where you can follow my semi-coherent ramblings on politics, anti-racism, education, Toronto, hot Azns, basketball, whatever my fancy for the week.

But I think this platform is too good to keep to myself, so the longer-term dream is to have a group of hot Azn producers of media running this blog. Azn-Canadians have a lot to say, but few opportunities to do so in mainstream media. That’s fine; I create my own spaces.

To make this a more collective effort, I’ve enlisted the help of friends, housemates, colleagues, boyfriends (errr just the one, in case he’s reading), relatives, classmates, bosses, mentors … all hot Azns like myself. Look for lots of guest posts from them on whatever the heck is brewing in their minds.

So … welcome, please stay, SUBSCRIBE, explore and hit me back with thoughts, post ideas, criticism, whatever.


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